Monday, January 28, 2019

January Muse: Jeanne Damas

Hello Darlings,

Happy Monday! January is winding down to a close and the new week has begun, yet I already want it to be Friday again. Today, I am sharing with you my Muse of the Month. This will be repeating itself every month from now on the blog and I think you will all love it! This month my muse is Jeanne Damas and I was introduced to this "French 'It' Girl" through a photo I saw on a post on the Simply Luxurious Life blog and I loved her simple and chic style that I had to figure out more about her. She owns a lipstick and clothing label perfectly called Rouje, and I kid you not, I want everything her brand has! 

Personally, I am a lover of simplicity and I don't make too much of a fuss when it comes to makeup. I am very very much into skincare and taking care of what I already have. This woman definitely takes the award for simplicity. In many of her photos that you can see through her Instagram, she is always wearing a 'rouje' lip even with a t-shirt and jeans, and she keeps the rest of her face rather simple. Maybe a touch of foundation or concealer her and there, and a touch of blush, but it's barely noticeable since it looks as if she put almost nothing on her face, and yet she still looks good and well-kept. You can also see some of her makeup and skin care routine on her Youtube channel. Also, she does not wear mascara! She uses a lash curler instead. How simple!    

Here is also a video of her simple makeup technique below
 as well an alluring short clip she did for Vogue Paris.
Click and enjoy!


Until we meet again, 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Chic and Organized

Hello Darlings,

Happy Friday! The weekend is here. I feel like this past Sunday just came and went rather quickly.This past weekend I was invited by a few friends to come eat at a Thai restaurant in Winter Garden and the food there was delicious. It was a much needed time to just relax and enjoy time. But with another weekend coming, it urges me to get ready for the next week, steadily, and not in a rush since  planning is not my forte. 

But with this blog I have definitely written down ideas for future posts which I am excited to share with all of you and that has helped me get a little more organized. With organization in mind, a while ago I found a stationary and lifestyle brand called Rifle Paper Co. through Instagram and fell in love with all of their artistic, feminine details. They have goods ranging from desk and planner organizers to greeting cards and home decor. It's hard to pick a favorite product with this brand, and I know you will love them just as much as I do!

Rifle Paper Co. - 2019 Rose

Rifle Paper Co. - 2019 Navy

Rifle Paper Co. - Juliet Rose

  Rifle Paper Co. - Tapestry

Rifle Paper Co. - Birch

Rifle Paper Co. - Juliet Rose

Rifle Paper Co. - Colette

Rifle Paper Co. - Raven Address Book

Rifle Paper Co. - Peony

Loloi - Paris Map - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - New York - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Queen's Guard - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Dachshund - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Hello Sunshine - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Terrace Blue - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Luxembourg Stone - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Juliet Rose Wreath Indigo - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Meadow Crimson - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Loloi - Wildwood Midnight - Rifle Paper Co. × Loloi

Puffin - Anne Of Green Gables - Hardcover Book Published By Puffin In Bloom With Matching Bookmark

Puffin - Little Women - Hardcover Book Published By Puffin In Bloom With Matching Bookmark

Rifle Paper Co. - Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - 150th Anniversary Edition Hardcover Book With Matching Bookmark

Bath and Body with L'Occitane 

L'occitane - Shea Hand Cream - 150ml Tube

Rifle Paper Co. - Hello Gorgeous

Rifle Paper Co. - Clear Wanderlust

Rifle Paper Co. - Scooter - Glossy Enamel Keychain

Rifle Paper Co. - Globe - Glossy Enamel Keychain

Until we meet again, 

P.S.: Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Find your perfect scent with Tocca

Hello Darlings,

 Whether you are traveling, going to work, a date night out/in, or just wanting a soak in the bath with a heavenly scent Tocca has got you covered. Each carefully handcrafted fragrance has a 'muse' and there is a story behind each of them, and you are tempted to choose a scent depending on your mood and lifestyle and personal taste. 

I really can't remember when I found this brand, but I do remember how. One day, after I clocked out of work I walked in to Anthropologie just to waste time. After browsing through all their cute knick-knacks and stationary (I had no intention of buying anything), I stumbled upon their bath and body section and my eyes were immediately drawn to these classic, round glass bottles with antique caps. Especially, since I am a lover of all things antique and vintage, I knew I came upon an amazing find! I slowly screwed open a cap of one of their mini bottles and sniffed the scent, skeptically. I, then, observed the beautifully soft green colored box the tester came in and it was called 'Florence'. I was hooked! I knew that one day I had to share this brand with all of you! I plan to purchase a full size bottle for my birthday next month! A gift pour moi! (I deserve it, right?)

Below, are the products I am excited to try one of these days. Some of them have even ended up on Oprah's Favorite Things List!

Eau de Parfum Viaggio, Classic
Eau de Parfum, Florence
Eau de Parfum, Stella
Eau de Parfum, Cleopatra
Eau de Parfum, Colette
Bagno Profumato, Florence
Crema da Corpo, Florence
Crema da Mano, Florence
Chamonix Candela
Montauk Candela

you can visit their Instagram page @tocca

  Until we meet again, 
  P.S. Which one are you excited to try?

This is not a sponsored post.